Sunday, November 19, 2006

The count down begins

from the beginning of this mad war I was wondering are these Noe lunatics listening to experts
it turned out they were not.

it turned out they were lying to their teeth.

Keep it simple stupid would have made them see what I have seen long time ago.

decades of oppression
decades of bombing on Iraq
decades of intimidating policies
all the dead needed to avenged
revenge is so common to a point were it is institutionalized.
What makes someone blow him self?
he lost his most loved ones and has nothing left to live for.
his house blown or his family gone his job is not there.
more importantly his extended family or tribe expect him to do exactly that. kill as many of those who caused death to his family.
It is enough for him to point finger at one direction and death or revenge will follow sooner or later.
Now the same rule and custom is at work
in this mortal duel between shias and sunnis
Saddam death would have made a difference if it was done early enough.
It is too late.
caos is in and civil war will ravage the middle east.
From DEMOCRACY stand point. It is all good.
the west was never an honest peddler of democracy. because they continue to contradict them selves and lie about who they support and what they claim about freedom and democracy and the more important :support for Israel goes at the expense of all their claims.