Wednesday, November 14, 2007

this is a great antiwar site and the name says it all

this is how they intorduced a pitch for a donation drive and they deserve more small donations...

The American Enterprise Institute, the nesting place of so many of Washington's hawks, is the birthplace of the "surge," and the war itself. It is also a highly profitable nonprofit foundation. In 2005, the Institute had nearly $70 million in assets, with revenues of $33 million and expenditures of $21 million. And that's just the biggest, most visible component of the neoconservative network pushing us into one war after another. Think tanks, front groups, political action committees, public relations outfits, lobbyists (both foreign and domestic) – altogether these groups generate billions of dollars, much of it spent promoting a foreign policy of unmitigated aggression.

So please go there and donate to spread the truth nothing else.