Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SalonToday in Salon: Wednesday June 27, 2007

I dream of Darcy

A new wave of Austen-mania revolves around ballgowns, romance and Colin Firth's sexy breeches. But what would Jane herself say about this fantasy of the perfect man?

By Rebecca Traister
Rudy amid the evangelicals
"America's mayor" stays resolute on terrorism and the war -- but don't even ask him about the A-word.
By Alex Koppelman
Jihad from the Caribbean
In Trinidad, Salon meets longtime Muslim agitator Yasin Abu Bakr, who is allegedly linked to the plot to blow up JFK airport.
By Tristram Korten
A dose of "unfavorable side effects"
The CIA tested rejected commercial drugs on animals and U.S. soldiers.
The lives of others
Biographer Meryle Secrest shares her secrets: Don't fall in love with Stephen Sondheim, and watch out for Salvador Dali's hit men.
By Rachel Aviv
The K Chronicles
Ahh, summer, a time to reboot ...
Keith Knight
My boyfriend is nice, but I fantasize about wilder times
Would I have stayed with him if I hadn't gotten ill?
By Cary Tennis
"Live Free or Die Hard"
Age catches up to Bruce Willis' everyman hero, and it makes him all the more appealing.
By Stephanie Zacharek
The library fix
When politics gets mean and dumb, you can cheer yourself up by walking into a public library.
By Garrison Keillor
Joan WalshJoan Walsh
War RoomWar Room
How the World WorksHow the World Works
Impressions of Paris' last night in jail
Deranged fans, enraged protesters and garden-variety rubbernecks converge for one big release.
By Stephen Elliott
King Kaufman's Sports Daily
The best damn sports show national TV is ignoring: Minor league baseball.
Glenn GreenwaldGlenn Greenwald
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